Group of smiling kids

All We Know is Kids!
We are a specialized office treating children and adolescences from ages 1-20. Our dentists have received additional years of training in pediatric dental care, making them the most qualified to handle the care of your child’s mouth.

Come on Back
At our office parents or guardians are free to accompany the patient throughout the entire visit, helping to calm the nerves of both patients and parents!

Same Day Treatment – Saving You a Second Trip
The office is designed to allow extremely fast processing of patients. This efficient method of treatment allows for our patients that drive from hours away to maximize their appointment time.

Anxiety Reducing Options
We understand that some children are anxious about a visit to the dentist. Be it a strong gag reflex, special needs, developmental or health issues, a traumatic dental experience in the past, or needing major treatment done, some patients might benefit from medication in order to reduce anxiety during their visit.

For those that request it, we offer mild sedation through:
Nitrous Oxide

  • Known as “Laughing Gas”
  • Given though a small breathing mask
  • Very safe and effective
  • Fast acting and quickly eliminated from the body with normal breathing

Anxiolytic Sedation

  • Given in a liquid or pill form
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Best for patients who are apprehensive, very young or have special needs

If you feel your child could benefit from anxiety reduction medication at his or her visit please speak with one of our dentists. They can inform you of the benefits and risks, as each patient will react differently to the administration of medication.